My name is Katie. I am a postdoctoral research associate based in the UK, specialising in applied linguistics and health communication. My research focuses on verbal dimensions of empathy and interactions in health and social care contexts.

I was born in Japan. After studying linguistics at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, I worked for a software company in Tokyo. Although I had always nurtured a childhood dream of living overseas, in my twenties I was far too busy with long hours of work, and the years went by rather quickly!

In 2013, I attended the renowned Institut Villa Pierrefeu in Montreux, Switzerland to study International Protocol. The year after that, I resumed my stay in Switzerland to study with them further. There, what fascinated me the most was sessions on intercultural communication. I became more aware of miscommunication in various intercultural settings (in diplomatic, business, and educational settings) and enhanced self-awareness of how we transfer verbal and nonverbal messages while incorporating social and cultural perspectives.

In 2015, I decided to start my full-time MA studies in applied linguistics at the University of East Anglia. The following year, integrating all of my experience with a new direction, I started to pursue Health Communication for my PhD studies. I use qualitative methodologies, Interactional Sociolinguistics, face theory and ethnography to look at real-life interactions between patients and physicians.

My blog, Kaya (named after Buddha Kaya, which means Buddha’s three bodies – three kayas) has been devoted to sharing my informal research outputs, research diary, and thoughts on the body-mind connection. I also love cooking, baking and writing recipes.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Best wishes,