Weeks 172–174: Final revisions and a new project

For the past few weeks, I’ve been making final revisions for the first full draft of my thesis. I’m reading through the draft again and again and amending for presentational and stylistic consistency. My thesis is really going to be a ‘big book’ thesis, as the main text consists of 90,000 words, and the appendices of 70,000 words.

I’ll miss being a PhD student after I’ve submitted it, even though I’ve tackled the same topic for as long as four years for my MA and PhD programmes. I’ll love the field I chose, health communication, for the rest of my life.


A new research project

During my fieldwork in 2018, I received support from local medical scholars at the research site regarding extending contacts, recruitment, collecting data, and attending seminars and workshops. I couldn’t express my gratitude enough for all the help and guidance they gave me. Sometimes I felt guilty about gaining so much from them and felt selfish. But they’ve told me that they hope to launch a new research project and include me in it. To be honest, it’s a relief that I can do something in return and help them in their research and organising workshops for their students, as well as sharing my research findings. It would be a pleasure for me.

A couple of research projects are now in progress. My colleagues and I have started a new project in health research. This feels so ‘new’. I can picture my lifestyle after my PhD: conducting some projects with colleagues and authoring papers for publication, along with teaching. There’s so much to learn about collaboration, which has already overwhelmed me. But this is like a gleam of sunlight for me in the total uncertainty of the mid/after-coronavirus world.


Homemade sandwiches: Coronation egg mayo, and ham & cucumber


Tortellini, Italian salami and Italian wine


Keema curry & scrambled egg on rice


My achievements in weeks 172–174

  • Made final revisions for the first full draft of my thesis.
  • Organised and finalised all appendix documents.
  • Wrote the Abstract and Acknowledgement.
  • Had my paper accepted for an international conference that will now take place online.

Goals for week 175

  • Check bibliography.
  • Check the final text.
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