First experience with Reiki

Reiki has always been an area close to my heart, as I grew up in a family of medical workers, and now I, too, work within the field of healthcare.

Reiki is an energy healing practice where the Reiki energy flows in the patient through the healer. One of the distinctive features of Reiki is that the healing works through the energy of Reiki (not the healer’s own energy), which brings deep relaxation and healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This Reiki system was created by Mikao Usui in 1922 and is now regarded as complementary medicine in many countries. However, scientific studies attesting to the efficacy of Reiki are lacking.


What brought me to learn more about Reiki?

My father was a medical technologist and also a healing practitioner. For me, healing was never a ‘professional’ or ‘occupational’ act, and I admit that I did not wholly believe in it. However, my perception changed last year.

I often act as an interpreter in healthcare settings, and last year I had a number of opportunities to assist patients in receiving energy healing in London. This was when I actually observed the practice and eventually became aware of the physical and mental benefits of holistic healing.

Furthermore, one particular physician who has supported my research showed me an academic journal, Explore, which is dedicated to science and healing. He told me that he and his colleagues were keen to research this area.

This series of events led me to the opinion that holistic care has evolved considerably, but people’s awareness of it has not grown. That’s why I decided to embark on the first Reiki degree course in London in January.

Here, I would like to briefly describe my first experience with Reiki.


My first treatment

In a Reiki course, attunement literally helps the student to ‘tune in’ to Reiki energy, and the student will become able to give and receive Reiki to oneself and others.

The attunement process was extremely powerful to me: my hands felt heavy and became warm, and something drifted through my whole body, whereupon I sensed a clear vision of the sun. I will never forget that feeling.

On the first day, I gave my first Reiki treatment to one of my classmates for 15 minutes. While I was performing the Reiki, my hands became warm, and some images came into my mind – of a vast mountainous area with lots of large birds. At the end of the treatment, my classmate told me that she had sensed very warm energy at the back of her head and that the images I had seen in my mind exactly matched the views in her hometown of Portugal.

The following morning, in the second session of the Reiki course, she came to me and said, “Last night, I slept for five hours without waking up. That really is a miracle because that hasn’t happened for many years.” She then told me about the severity of her sleeping problem. She looked astonished.

The feedback on my first treatment made me feel very happy. Since then, I have used Reiki energy every day. It is not limited only to humans; it also works for animals, plants, water, foods, objects, space and situations. I give Reiki to heal myself, my partner and my family in Japan. I then keep records of feedback from them after each treatment; this is extremely important because there is no other means to measure how well Reiki works.

I am going to attend the second degree course soon.


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