Weeks 153 and 154: Chapter six is done

I am writing this post at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, waiting to board my flight to Tokyo. I’m heading off for a week’s holiday in Japan.

On Wednesday, I taught my last lesson for the term, and, on Tuesday, I completed my draft of Chapter 6 and sent it to my supervisors. It’s a great relief to have completed my to-do list before the Christmas break!


The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree



Himalayan Salt Lamp

Over the last five weeks, I worked on writing and editing my discussion chapter. To stay focused on work, I briefly meditated every morning and tidied up my desk regularly. Also, I recently bought a Himalayan salt lamp. This turned out to be a very good purchase!

I bought two lamps: one for my desk, and one for the living room. Although no major studies have supported this, authentic salt lamps are thought to release negative ions into the air, which can get rid of dust particles that might affect your health and improve the overall air quality in your home (I hope this “myth” of salt is true). The warm light and the natural shape of pink salt crystal certainly boosts my mood and brings some comfort and relaxation.



My achievements in Weeks 153 and 154

  • Finished writing Chapter 6.
  • Finished my teaching for the autumn semester.

Goals for Week 155

  • Have a week’s break in Japan.
  • Recharge.
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