Weeks 143 and 144: Write quietly

I have completed Chapter 5 – the findings chapter, and have been working on Chapter 6 – the discussion chapter.

It’s a bit strange feeling to see there the four summary tables of my findings, which I initially made for my convenience, with no intention of including them in my thesis. But my supervisors approved the idea of including them. Some results were what I expected, and some were utterly not. This feels like looking at pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. I feel that I know what to write.

When writing Chapter 5, I first tried to focus on the trees, not the forest, because it was too overwhelming for me to see the whole forest of the largest chapter of my thesis. Now I must step back and get a wider perspective and see the key points, relating the findings back to the conceptual framework.

Early this week, I felt a little bit emotional when I printed out my draft chapters 1 to 5, put them together on my desk, and started writing Chapter 6. This manuscript is what I have been pouring my energy into for the past three years. Maybe I must know many about the small field of my research, but feel as if I know nothing. I don’t even know whether my findings have something significant to say, or not. I only try to be faithful to my research participants and their raw data.

Chapter 6 is due in two weeks.


Creamy pasta bake with chicken and mushrooms


Rigatoni with spiced seafood and tomatoes served in Sicilian ceramics


Tortellini for a quick pasta dinner


My achievements in Weeks 143 and 144

  • Attended a five-day seminar.
  • Completed the draft chapter of findings.
  • Finished preparation for my new classes.

Goals for Week 145

  • Start teaching for the 2019/2020 academic year.
  • Write the discussion chapter.
  • Celebrate my birthday!
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