Weeks 141 and 142: Findings chapter

The draft chapter of findings will soon be complete. I’ve been revising the presentation and narrative explanations of my findings, and over the next few days, I will add some translations. The target next week is to finalise the chapter, along with participating in a five-day seminar in London.

There seems to be a great deal of disciplinary variation in presenting results from qualitative analysis. I spent eight months working out how to organise my data and present sufficient evidence. I first organised my findings by research question and second by relating back to the order of my framework. Reviewing my supervisors’ feedback, I eventually made a major change to the presentation by focusing on frequency and best examples of the data.

I chose the most evident examples of raw data to demonstrate my analytic points. The process was time-consuming because it involved a lot of manual work. Sometimes it felt mechanical, but I had to avoid merely displaying data.

Throughout the path of presenting my findings, I have finally started to feel like I am becoming an ethnographer who can translate her experience into a story to tell the reader.



My achievements in Weeks 141 and 142

  • Finished revisions of the findings chapter.

Goals for Week 143

  • Attend a five-day seminar in London.
  • Finalise the draft chapter.
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