Benedicts, Norwich: Review II

Previously, I wrote a review of the popular local restaurant in Norwich, Benedicts, and I just want to add more comments because we love the place (here’s a link to the previous review).

I have never been disappointed with their meals or their service. – Again, I felt the same. Luca and I had lunch at Benedicts on one Friday in July.



Starting with some Prosecco and beautifully decorated petit fours, I had a two-course meal: Norfolk Dumplings and Ex Fen Farm Dairy Cow Aged Sirloin. They were beautiful and delicious. This might seem a bit of an exaggeration, but Luca was very impressed by the presentation, flavour and taste, and his eyes filled with tears. He wanted me to quote his words here:

I initially tried a bite of the steak on its own and it was absolutely top-notch. I then tried a bite of the steak with the truffle sauce, and this is what took me over the edge. It was the best steak I have ever had. It was a beautiful, emotional and magical experience and I thank Benedicts for that. Compliments to their chefs.


Norfolk Dumplings with Fresh Truffle 


Ex Fen Farm Dairy Cow Aged Sirloin


The unison of five senses

What I like about this restaurant is the comfortable space, the staff’s friendly attitude towards customers, and the uniqueness of the food, which is so creative but tastes very natural. In the previous review, I wrote that this is ‘the unison of five senses’. The experience makes me think: Why does everything feel superb at the restaurant? Why are they far more influential than other good restaurants?

Factors I raised in the previous review were:

  • The culinary excellence
  • Winning multiple food-related awards since opening
  • The discreet and neat presentation (a small vase of fresh flowers, a white bread plate, a butter knife and a white cloth napkin)
  • The higher level of hygiene
  • Friendly communication


I would like to add:

  • New seasonal menus
  • Less waiting time but never feels a rush
  • Staff’s attentiveness


They give new and existing customers a reason to visit their restaurant by delivering these skills.



We, of course, will be revisiting them in autumn.


How to Get There

9 St Benedicts Street

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