Weeks 130 and 131: Carry on

Week 130 was too busy to sit down to write. To my shame, I asked my supervisors to reschedule our meeting as my chapter draft wasn’t ready in time for my supervisory day. I felt really guilty, but I’d made slow progress over the month. We’ve postponed the meeting until late July and I’m now so enthusiastic about completing the draft.


My aim for July

Week 131 was an emotional turning point. The pace of everyday life has been slowing down since we finished teaching for the 2018−19 year. Some information on academic vacancies has come up, but I’ve decided not to apply and not to think about jobs for the moment to avoid a situation where I could feel uneasy. Instead, I’ve decided to only think about carrying on research until my submission.

My aim for July is to complete a full draft of the methodology chapter. Also, I hereby declare that I will finish writing and editing all the drafts by December 2019.

Day by day, I realise that I’ve actually enjoyed doing research and writing papers.


Lovely lunch with my mentor and a new friend at Caffè Concerto


Spaghetti and meatballs with homemade sauce


Beautiful lakeside in Battersea Park, South London


My achievements in weeks 130 and 131

  • Spent a few hours a day writing my draft. It’s still far from completion.
  • Finished one of the courses I teach.

Goals for week 132

  • Work on my chapter draft.
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