Headshot Photography in Tokyo

I was very lucky and happy to have an opportunity for a headshot photograph to be taken in Tokyo by Yasuyuki Ogawa, a professional portrait photographer, and Ayaka Hamamoto, a make-up artist.

They, as freelancers, normally work with professional models for fashion photography in Japan and occasionally do headshot photography for business platforms and social media, like they did this time. I applied for this opportunity through Mr Ogawa’s website.

We did the photoshoot on Sunday morning, in a sunny, green park where a lot of people were sitting and relaxing.

Mr Ogawa was very careful about finding the good light and background that would perfectly fit the image I was looking for: “approachable”. He selected the date, time and location for the perfect background. The make-up artist, Ayaka, carried a large suitcase of all the necessary makeup items, and also acted as the photographer’s assistant. Both professionals helped me greatly to feel relaxed about the camera during the entire time and to smile naturally, although I am completely a novice at these things. They are very skilful and simply wonderful!

This was a truly enjoyable experience, and I am really pleased with the results. I believe that it definitely makes a difference.

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