Benedicts, Norwich: Review

One Saturday in March, Luca and I had a special lunch at the popular local restaurant, Benedicts.

As we had a lovely time, I would like to record a little bit about what it was like. This was the third time I had eaten there, and I have never been disappointed with their meals or their service.

Benedicts is a nice, cosy restaurant serving modern British cuisine. Based in Norwich, England, the restaurant opened back in 2015, and, according to some reviews, the chef has been winning multiple food-related awards since then. His culinary excellence has enhanced the restaurant’s reputation, no doubt.



When I visited Benedicts for the first time in 2016, what struck me was that the atmosphere was bright and comfortable, staff were knowledgeable, the level of hygiene was superb, and their style was unpretentious. Everything was authentic. On a wooden table were placed a small vase of flowers, and a white bread plate and a butter knife and a white cloth napkin for each guest. They looked so neat and clean.


A two-course meal

We had some Prosecco first while choosing from the menu. I ordered a two-course meal. Before the starter, we were served small snacks – they were lovely!

I also remember that when we had Christmas dinner here last year, we were served homemade crisps with a dip for snacks, which were excellent. I really like the beginning of a meal, which always amuses us.



I had Cornish mackerel for the starter and Skrei cod for the main course. The cod was the highlight!




After the meal, we had chocolate mousse and some tea, and we were also served some biscuits and jelly – another favourite part.




Overall, we enjoyed all the visible shapes and colours, flavours and tastes, and, more importantly, our conversation and the comfortable atmosphere. The lunch at Benedicts was definitely the happiest hours of our day.

The secrets of the restaurant’s success are not just the culinary aspects but also all the discreet presentation. The unison of five senses!


How to Get There

9 St Benedicts Street


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