Moving diary: House-moving stress

“House-moving stress” is going to last a while until we have finished assembling furniture and discarding unnecessary visible stuff (cardboard and items that don’t fit the new place).

When I am stuck in my analysis, my data looks so mundane and seems insignificant, but I do need to assemble all of the examples into my framework, just like putting furniture together. This is so symbolic of my chaos.

Every day this week, I went into the living room and started assembling the ‘physical’ furniture, although I had to work on writing my draft. We’ve assembled a bookcase, a TV stand, a sofa with storage, a dining table and six chairs.

Luca told me that when he went into the living room and sat on the sofa after having a shower, he had tears in his eyes because the apartment is now a real home.

The words home and family have very special meanings for us. They are something we would like to establish and prioritise.


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