Moving diary: Goodbye to the old flat

On Wednesday we finally finished cleaning the old flat after moving, and the handover process. I said ‘thank you’ many times to the kitchen while I wiped the cabinets and floor.

Since we had focused on cleaning and tidying up in the new apartment, it was really nice to come back to the old place to clean and check and say goodbye.

That evening we went to a bar – which is next door to the old flat, and where we went often – and had some Prosecco to celebrate the new beginning. I had smoked salmon salad, and Luca had grilled Dover sole.



In the new place, here are the things we have done since moving in.

  1. Did cleaning, unpacking and tiding roughly, then made the bed.
  2. Opened utility accounts through a marketing company.
  3. Closed utility accounts of the old place.
  4. Sent a request for redirecting mail.
  5. Informed the city council.
  6. Set up my desk and bookshelf to get back into work.
  7. Relaxed – we don’t have to rush to set up everything immediately. (I think that while unpacking, having some relaxation is very important. We still have many things to do apart from moving.)
  8. Purchased some kitchen and bathroom items.
  9. Purchased a sofa.


IKEA shelving unit for the bathroom – I love it!


By chance, many ‘endings’ and ‘beginnings’ have crossed over in March. Moving has been stressful, but definitely, we did things we needed to do, and it was time for us to move on. Luca finished his current job this week and starts his new role on Monday. I have just finished my teaching for this term and started to focus on my analysis 24/7.

Next week is going to be spent setting up the kitchen and living room!

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