Moving diary: Apartment handover

We received the keys and legally started living in the new place – two bedroom riverside apartment.

Here are things we have done during the past week after signing the contract.

We have done:

  1. Secured the date to set up Wifi for the new place – we’ve chosen Sky TV and broadband.
  2. Compared local removal companies and chose one that has more options for package services such as dismantling and cleaning.
  3. Set the date to go to IKEA to buy furniture.
  4. Collected packaging materials – the removing company supplied them.
  5. Started packing non-essential items and cleaning out cupboards, bookshelves and wardrobes.
  6. Collected the keys for the new place and gathered all the keys for the current (old) place.
  7. For the current (old) place, we cancelled the bills.

The process has been more relaxing than normal moving, because we have a two-month overlap between the old and new places, and it’s just a five-minute journey between the two.


Next week we will:

  1. arrange to have the new apartment cleaned.
  2. set up Wifi on the day before moving.
  3. finish packing our possessions and pack essential items in suitcases.
  4. move to the new place.



The above lists of things we have done and will do, makes it look like events have moved swiftly and efficiently. But in reality, since I had the property viewing on 12th February and started talking about moving with Luca, we had tons of agreement, disagreement, arguments, discussions, and an explosion every single day over the last three weeks. We didn’t compromise or hide anything and said everything we thought to each other – how much and to what point we are confident or not confident about living together, and in what way we are different or have commonalities.

Now we both are feeling that that was really a crucial process and that we were right to handle all the conversations, and we have reached a stage where we feel very comfortable and confident about everything.



It’s really exciting for me to plan and make our rooms and my home office!

I am going to update my moving diary as well as the PhD diary.


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