Week 112: Promotion

Luca has received a job promotion to a management role in the public sector he works for! I am more than happy to know that his hard work was finally acknowledged and that it paid off. Over the past year, he has had a very tough time at work, physically and mentally, in providing a better and prompt service, cooperating with social workers. The job requires long and intensive hours and mental capacity, sacrificing his well-being.

This week has felt like a ‘honeymoon’ as we processed the contract of our new apartment and received this fantastic news. Next month is going to be truly a new chapter for us.


Receiving feedback

While Luca was promoted, I also had a great experience with lots of tears… critical feedback on my chapter draft for research and critical evaluation after the class observation of my teaching.

My supervisors must be feeling so tired because I am incompetent and was very confused between conceptual principles and analytical categorisation. To clarify them, I spent so much time reading, writing and revising. They have been patient and gave me concrete examples to help my understanding.

My boss’s feedback on my teaching skills was very critical, but she also said, “I am retiring soon, and this will be my last chance to convey what I know and what I can say to tutors in their early career.”

In both situations, I knew that my supervisor and my boss were being kind to me and tried to provide detailed and effective feedback to improve my skills. Sometimes criticism is necessary. Everything is for my growth. I said “thank you” many times, but it took days to calm down from my emotional reaction, face the feedback again, and become motivated again.

One thing I learnt as a tutor was that we must be able to imagine the students’ futures and make sure that the students can appropriately perform in possible future situations with the skills and knowledge we teach them. Some tutors and lecturers are strict with their students because they think about their students’ futures more seriously.


My achievements in Week 112

  • Received a lot of crucial feedback on my research and teaching; I’ve been digesting it.
  • Finished a full transcript of one case.

Goals for Week 113

  • Have meaningful supervision days.
  • Make a full transcript of one case.