Mental Health First Aider

Last Saturday and Sunday, I attended a two-day seminar, Mental Health First Aider training course.

This training course is organised by MHFA England and is designed to teach how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue. This isn’t a course for becoming a therapist, but rather to train how to listen, reassure and respond.

I initially applied to the course mainly because it’s so relevant to my research on patient-centred care and communication. But now I understand so much better about the relationships between our behaviours and what’s going on inside.

I thought this knowledge would be very helpful for my teaching job, and for any work environment in any country. It’s also very important for students or researchers who live away from their homes, as I do, to be listened to and helped.

It was particularly useful to know about some immediate stress-reduction techniques you can do right away, which include:

  • talking
  • taking an hour off or a mini-break
  • doing something creative
  • valuing yourself
  • caring for others
  • sleeping


Our instructor was a lovely woman! She gave us homework – Happy Hour Homework – namely to have the happiest hour of the day.

I worked on the homework; Luca and I went to an Indian restaurant for dinner, and he had chicken biryani and I had tandoori king prawn, which was very nice!

My happy hours could include cooking, baking, going to a nice restaurant, having a chat with my family and friends, reading my favourite books, and blogging.

What is your happiest hour of the day?

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