Week 96: Draft is done and Espresso Chocolate Blondies

I’ve finished my third revision of chapter 2 – at last!

In July, week 79 was when I started working on the first draft. Four weeks later, I began my revision process. I spent 12 weeks revising the draft, during which I attended two conferences and devoted a couple of weeks to the preparation. The past four months have been really intensive and I must admit I have been struggling to write.

But now I know that the difficulties were important to me. I developed the habit of writing for fixed hours every day. I found that I am most productive as soon as I wake up and that morning productivity is really important. I am going to continue to devote my mornings to writing and won’t get back into old habits – like spending the morning reading news articles, replying to emails, cleaning my desk, etc. I have also educated myself on how to stay motivated for a long project. If I don’t, I might get lazy again, haunted by ‘procrastination’.


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On Thursday, I was proofreading my draft at Nero.


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This weekend, I’ve been relaxing, decorating a mini Christmas tree and baking.


Julie & Julia

I watched Julie & Julia, a comedy film from 2009 based on a true story. Julie cooks 524 recipes from Julia Child’s classic French cookbook in the span of one year and writes all about it on her blog. I simply like the idea: she wanted to do something to break the monotony of her life. In Julie’s case, it was food blogging. She tries eating an egg for the first time and more difficult recipes.

There are scenes of boeuf bourguignon (French beef stew) in the movie. I don’t eat beef – I haven’t tried it for 15 years, but I’m not allergic to it. After watching the movie, just as Julie tried an egg, I felt like trying beef. On Saturday evening, Luca and I went to a French restaurant. They had boeuf bourguignon. I ordered it and tasted it. The dish came with mashed potatoes with herbs. The beef was so tender and tasty. It was a nice feeling to break a fixed idea that I had been sticking to just for the sake of it.


Espresso chocolate blondies

Today, I baked espresso chocolate gluten-free blondies, using teff flour and tapioca starch. I sourced a recipe for coffee chocolate chunk gluten-free blondies on Heartbeet Kitchen and added espresso. I love the texture of teff flour. The combination of chocolate, pecans and espresso is wonderful. They smell great and are yummy!


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My achievements in week 96

  • Finally finished writing my chapter draft (third revision) after a four-month struggle.
  • Submitted a piece of coursework for the teaching programme.

Goals for week 97

  • Have a meaningful discussion in a meeting with my supervisors.
  • Make a quiche.
  • Work on my conference paper.
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