Week 63: Getting warmer

I pulled out a trench coat for the evenings. The cherry blossom season is already beginning. Today I booked a restaurant for a hanami night with my dad. It is our favourite event in Japan to have drinks at an old restaurant within Ueno Park where thousands of cherry blossom trees are at their peak in late March.

Research-wise, this week, I made observations of seven consultations and took four audio recordings. During the consultations, the doctor had an urgent call about a patient. When we arrived at the patient’s place and the doctor treated the patient and administered some medication, I realised how helpless I am in a clinical situation and wished I could help with the treatment or do something (but I couldn’t).


Private life

Luca and I had an argument about something small earlier this month, and we had an awkward period for about ten days. I feel that we are now back to normal and talking to each other. He is also planning to visit me next month. Initially, I thought that a four-month-long long distance love can be a little difficult. But actually it has been really tough, we sometimes had a miscommunication. I don’t think I can do this again.


My achievements in Week 63

  • Made seven observations and collected four recordings.

Goals for Week 64

  • Continue my observations, recordings and literature review.
  • Prepare some illustrations and materials for the focus groups.
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