Week 47: Methodological amendments

I made some methodological amendments to my research. I had planned to conduct interviews and focus groups for qualitative data collection, but decided not to conduct them, and to devote my fieldwork to observing and recording real-life clinical consultations, and to analyse the audio data. The main reason for this amendment is that my fieldwork has to fit in with the professional timetables of my participants. My supervisors were very understanding, saying ‘it is sensible’.

This week, I spent four hours a day writing my thesis. This system works well. Then, I spent the rest of the time finishing updates to the Information Statement and Consent Form for my research participants and translating them into Japanese. On Friday, I asked a professional translator to review my Japanese translations, which will be included as the translation procedures in my thesis.


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Chicken Macaroni Bake


Goals for Week 48

  • Edit Chapter 3
  • Revise my proposal to apply for research funding
  • Have an in-depth discussion at the supervision meeting
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