Week 44: Initiated contact with participants

The biggest achievement from Week 44 was that I initiated contact with prospective participants of my research, and they all confirmed their willingness to take part in it.

On 1st November, when I started sending emails to the participants, I was already a bit nervous and uneasy, because I can only obtain the data with their voluntary help and support. As of 4th November, I have received positive responses from them, saying that they are willing to take part, and to help me recruit further participants.

I am very lucky and feeling that being helped by someone is such a fortunate event. I would like to give them something in return by sharing my findings when I have completed my thesis.


My achievements in Week 44

  • Edited Chapter 1
  • Filled in fieldwork/time away forms to submit
  • My participants are happy to take part in my research!

Goals for Week 45

  • Continue editing Chapters 1 and 3
  • Define criteria for the data collection
  • Check case study approach
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