Week 38

Continuing my preparation for the review meeting (coming in 10 days), I have read some key books for writing Chapter 2 and kept records of the summaries.

I am so stupid. I spent the whole week thinking about and trying out whether to keep a notebook (of the summaries) as handwritten materials or digitise all of them. Since I started my PhD programme, I have used Evernote to keep and manage my records of everything including papers, a reading diary, my drafts, session notes, teaching notes, summaries of supervision meetings, important links, documents, cooking recipes… whatever. At the same time, I have been using my Moleskin notebook to physically write some ideas and summaries of my reading. I was obsessed with finding a new different format, and this feels like I have wasted a week. Eventually, I found that the digital tool, adding a piece of note in Evernote (my usual way) is the most suitable for me.


Goals for Week 39

  • Continue my preparation and practice.
  • Finish some translations of my field notes.
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