Week 33: Luca’s second time in Tokyo

Luca came to Japan for the first time in nine months for a holiday (here’s a link to Luca’s first time in Tokyo). Overall, I spent this whole week meeting up with my friends and going sightseeing around Tokyo with Luca. For my research, I only completed translating all information forms this week.

Whenever I met up with my close friends to have a chat, I feel the best part of a friendship. Since I started living overseas, all of my friends have been more special to me than ever before because we know that we do not live in the same country and we can only see each other once a year.

We enjoyed exploring Shinagawa, Shibuya, and Nagoya (for one-day Shinkansen trip), Harajuku, Ginza (for dinner with my dad) and Tokyo Station (for shopping and Karaoke) over five days! My dad took him to a traditional style sushi restaurant, where sushi chefs directly take orders from customers and prepare sushi in front of them. He seemed very satisfied with any kind of sushi and also with most of the Japanese food that he had in Japan.

On Sunday, he flew back to England, and I flew to Kagoshima to start my second fieldwork for the next five days.


My achievements in Week 33

  • Completed the translations of all information sheets and consent forms

Goals for Week 34

  • Visit some locations for my field research
  • Finish writing Chapter 3
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