Week 31

On Thursday I flew from England to Japan to conduct my three-week preliminary field research. I will be making observations in Tokyo for the next two weeks, with further observations in a rural region in the third week.

Soon after I arrived in Tokyo on Friday, I went straight to see a doctor. A rash came out on my arms two weeks ago. I had previously visited a walk-in clinic in the UK and got some medication (ointment) from a nurse, but there was no sign of it getting better. The Japanese doctor said that the rash was caused by fatigue and stress and gave me some tablets and a pack of cream. They worked well, and the rash has gone.


KLM upgraded me to business class. I was very lucky!


My achievements in Week 31

  • Sent my draft of Chapter 3 to my supervisors
  • Started translating consent forms for five participant groups and finished one sheet

Goals for Week 32

  • Complete the translations of all the consent forms
  • Start making my fieldwork notes
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