Week 23

I had a supervisory meeting to get feedback on my work. My supervisors pointed out a problem with the structure of my draft and gave me much advice. As a result, I need to divide the literature review into two different chapters and narrow the key theories down to one point in each. My supervisors have shown some concern that my focus is still too broad, and I have been also told that, in academic writing, it is crucial to help readers by making the points as clear as possible, immediately.

Next week, I will fly to Japan, stay for two days in Tokyo and come back to the UK. I have been asked to help with some jobs from my old company in Tokyo. This trip is going to be very tiring, but I am happy to go to Japan for the first time in six months.

On Saturday, Luca gave me a bunch of flowers along with a box of doughnuts!


My goals for Week 24

  • Revise the research protocol and the literature review
  • Safely travel to Japan on Thursday and come back on Sunday
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