Week 24

On Thursday morning, I flew to Japan and arrived at Narita on Friday morning. I stayed for two nights and left Narita on Sunday morning. I am back in England. My colleague picked me up at Narita, and we headed to the office. This trip was for doing some work and shopping for some books to take […]

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Week 23

I had a supervisory meeting to get feedback on my work. My supervisors pointed out a problem with the structure of my draft and gave me much advice. As a result, I need to divide the literature review into two different chapters and narrow the key theories down to one point in each. My supervisors have […]

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Week 22

I got behind my personal deadline for writing drafts. I was distressed about my incapability to deal with it, and I spent the whole week reading, writing and editing. I can describe my Week 22 as ‘a traffic jam’ caused by work I needed to do for the ethics applications, the research protocol, a chapter […]

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