Week 15

I have been working on several tasks: editing my research protocol, writing literature reviews on two main topics, and preparing ethics forms.

The biggest achievement from Week 15 was that I got approval to take an audio-recording of primary data for my research, which is a very positive step in the right direction. It also means that I am realistically able to continue my research following the initial plan. I am considering myself a very, very lucky person.

The next important step is getting approval to continue my research from the ethics committee by July. My goals for the next week are to fill in the forms and submit them to my supervisors, and to make teaching materials for at least the next four classes.

I am teaching again in the summer semester after the Easter break. I have also been asked to deliver some sessions at a high school just as I did last year. It is always great to have a solid connection with someone who is interested in my culture. I will have to be grateful for all the good luck I have had.

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