Week 12

The clock has changed to summer time! Week 12 became a very important point in the first year of my research in all respects. I did my first stab at writing a draft and sent it to my supervisors. The 3,000-word summary covers two main aspects: the healthcare system and linguistic studies in health settings. […]

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Week 10

On Tuesday night, we went to a musical theatre to see Mamma Mia! We also enjoyed sushi dinner, which was a lovely relaxing time. I worked on writing summaries of my reading, and attended two training seminars. Lots of reading materials are coming up non-stop. My Endnote skills are also not good enough yet to […]

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Week 9

My achievements from Week 9 belatedly started writing the summaries of some papers for one chapter (I regret not having done this at the very first stage in January) took two training sessions planned to go to Venice for the Easter Break and booked our flights and hotel Goals for the next week are to […]

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