KLM flight

I am writing this on my flight back to the UK. My two-month stay in Japan was more hectic than usual!

I took a teacher training course at my old university, made trips with my mum, and had dinner with my aunt and cousins; I met three cousins on my mother’s side of the family for the first time in 16 years. Having drinks with my close friends was mandatory.

Luca came to Japan. He found some cultural uniqueness such as vending machines for hot beverages in each station, the complexity of public transport, etc. I was so happy to see that he came to love my home and the everyday lifestyle, and that he bought some dining pottery – dinner plates, sake cups and chopsticks – to take back to the UK.

This flight is nearly in the Netherlands. I have had a very comfortable 11-hour flight and I’ve been able to get some rest and do some work. I got a one-way ticket this time because I haven’t yet decided when my next trip back to Japan will be.


KLM flights from Tokyo to England
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