Luca’s first time in Japan

I didn’t realise that I hadn’t been sightseeing in Tokyo that much until Luca came to Japan. There are some popular tourist destinations in Tokyo, and it’s very easy to find them, but I took him to my favourite areas where I often went for meals, drinks and shopping and some places at his request.

On the evening of 21st, he arrived at Narita airport after his 24-hour trip via Dubai. The following morning, we had a fairly big earthquake and media warnings. He experienced an earthquake for the first time in his life, but he seemed fine. I immediately got a phone call from my mum asking if Luca was scared and whether he was ok. She was worried; he was rather calm.

The first place we went to was Shibuya, Harajuku, and Aoyama. We had lunch at a standing sushi bar along Shibuya Centre-Gai and walked around the streets. In the evening, I took him to a very traditional Japanese Tofu restaurant located just under Tokyo Tower.

Tofu restaurant ‘Shiba Ukaitei’


On the 23rd, we went to Asakusa Nakamise-Dori and an Unagi restaurant, and moved onto Akihabara to go to the AKB48 cafe. In the evening, we went to Korakuen Hall to watch a pro-wrestling match which we loved!

On the 24th, he asked me to go for ramen lunch; we went to Ramen Street in Tokyo Station. There are so many entertaining small shops – character shops, sweets shops and ramen shops in the underground arcade of Tokyo Station. We bought so much Pocky!

That night, I introduced him to my father at a traditional Japanese restaurant located in Ueno Park. We were all feeling nervous and had poor appetites at the beginning, even though the dinner was excellent. But later, we had fun with some UFO topics which my father loves to talk about! The first meeting was a bit funny but it went well. After the dinner, Luca and I went to Roppongi to chill out and have some drinks.

Traditional Japanese restaurant ‘Inshoutei’

During the rest of the trip, I took him to Kichijoji which is my hometown, Asakusa again, Harajuku and Akihabara again. We walked around Shinjuku and Yurakucho as well, and we also met up with my friends, Steve and Fuyuhiko for drinks.

For a place to spend the last day of this trip, I chose Odaiba and a Hawaiian restaurant for lunch in Aqua City Odaiba. The view of the Tokyo Bay from the restaurant’s window was fantastic.

He flew back to the UK from Haneda airport on 29th, saying ‘I don’t want to leave Japan!’ During this stay, I showed him some of my favourite places and made opportunities to meet my friends and family; they said they want to see him again.


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